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A brief for a results presentation as opposed to a brief for a 3-day conference is vastly different. While both are important for the client, the detail required for the multi-day event outweighs the other.

Considerations may include:

  • 'True' meeting space dimensions

  • Natural light into the venue and requirements to black out

  • Possible stage location

  • Room for a AV set up, control console and technical crew

  • The load capability

Our briefing process is detailed. What we understand is that clients need to focus on the business.


Our top five take outs for the perfect audio visual brief


  • Briefing considerations should include the venue, the on-stage presenters and performers and the audience

  • Experienced AV suppliers are familiar with all the major venues and generally have solid relationships that work in the client's favour

  • Be flexible and be open to co-creating alongside your AV supplier

  • Provide as much detail as possible

  • Share your vision for the event

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